Attaching the Gels

In order to attach the gels to your flash you will want to stick the soft ("loop") sided velcro on your flash. I prefer to lay down a layer of gaffer's tape on my flashes first so that if I decide to sell my flash down the road, I can remove the velcro without leaving any sticky residue on the plastic.

Step 1: Measure and cut the velcro into 4 pieces for the sides of the flash.

Step 2: Attach the velcro to the 4 sides of the flash.

Step 3: Stick the velcro dots on the ends of all the gels.

Step 4: Attach the gel to the flash. Make sure you leave a small gap of air between the gel and the flash. This allows heat generated by the flash to safely escape and not heat up the gel.

Step 6: Use the top and bottom sides of velcro to attach other commonly used gels so you can swap between them quickly.

When using a Stoffen diffuser on your flash, put the gel on first and slide the Stoffen on top of it.

I use a day planner booklet to store all my gels. I lined the pages with soft velcro strips and keep all the unused gels there.
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