2x5" Special Effects Pack


This is a selection of 6 Colored gels and 3 Neutral Density gels. Color contrast is a useful lighting technique to make your photography more interesting. You can use this set of gels to turn a boring background into a vibrant color to create separation or contrast with your subject. Put a color gel on a rim light to create a colored accent on your subject. Use the Neutral Density gels to cut down the intensity of a flash without changing the color temperature.

These gels are machine cut at the factory to 2" x 5" which is longer than other gel packs on the market to allow enough room on the sides to attach these with velcro dots. Each gel comes with tissue paper backing to prevent scratches in transit and are packaged in a clear plastic zip lock bag with a label indicating the gels in the order they come.

Velcro is the recommended method to attach these gels to your flash and is not included with this item. We do offer velcro packs for sale here.

Colored gels are used to introduce vivid color accents in your flash photography. Whether you want a saturated colorful background behind your subject or a splash of color accent kicked back onto a subject, these 6 gels allow for numerous different options. By varying the intensity of your flash, you can also adjust the saturation of the color. You can also stack them to create more hues.
This pack contains 6 different colored gels (Red, Yellow, Magenta, Green, Light Blue and Dark Blue).

Neutral Density gels are used to reduce the power of light from your flash without changing the color temperature of the light emitted. Certain flashes only go down to 1/16 or even 1/8 power so these gels allow you to further adjust the power downward. Or if you need to adjust a flash in 1/2 stop increments, these gels allow for that.
This pack contains 3 different strengths of ND gels (Full, 1/2, and 1/4 strengths).

You get 1 each of the following Lee gels for Color Correction:
  • 1/2 Stop Neutral Density [Lee #298]
  • 1 Stop Neutral Density) [Lee #209]
  • 2 Stop Neutral Density [Lee #210]
  • Red [Lee #182]
  • Primary Green [Lee #327]
  • Yellow [Lee #100]
  • Magenta [Lee #795]
  • Light Blue [Lee #118]
  • Dark Blue [Lee #119]


These gels will fit all speedlight flashes from these brands:
  • Nikon: SB-20, SB-24, SB-26, SB-28, SB-80, SB-600, SB-800,SB-900
  • Canon: 430ex, 540ex, 550ex, 580ex (I and II)
  • Yongnuo: All Flashes
  • LumoPro: All Flashes
  • Nissin: All Flashes
  • Vivitar: 283, 285, 285hv
  • Sigma: All Flashes
  • Minolta: All Flashes
  • Metz: All Flashes smaller than 2" in height

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