2x5" Polarizer Gel


Polarizer Gel (Single Pack)

This gel is pre-cut to 2x5" and comes with 2 velcro dots to stick on the ends to attach the gel to your flash.

Polarizer gels are used on flashes in conjunction with a polarizer (linear or circular) on your lens to decrease specular highlights. This is primarily used when you want to photograph flat artwork. The most common setup involves 2 flashes positioned 45 degrees (relative to artwork surface) on equal distances from either side of the piece. Each flash has a polarizer gel on it aligned in the same direction. The polarizer on the lens of the camera is aligned so it's axis of polarization is perpendicular to the polarizer axis on the flashes. This will eliminate unwanted specular highlights in the artwork.

The polarizer gels are neutral density so they don't have any color cast. They decrease the light output by 1 and 1/3 stops so in some cases you will want to double up your lights to compensate for the light loss.

Most scenarios using Polarizer Gels on flashes involve cross lighting the object so you will most likely want at least 2 gels.

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